Why E. Warren?


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East Warren was a thriving business district for many years.  In the 1950s there were 161 businesses between Bedford and Guilford.

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in 2017, east Warren has 36.5% retail occupancy.  But majority of the buildings are standing and waiting for businesses to occupy them. As of 2020 we are now up to 47% occupancy with 15 new businesses opening in the last 3 years!

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The three neighborhoods that border the E. Warren Corridor spend over 200 Million Dollars on retail goods and entertainment but virtually non of that is captured locally currently.  The more we can assist businesses to locate on E Warren the more jobs and Money can be captured locally.   (This corridor has the highest consumer expenditure of any on the Eastside of Detroit!)


The city has made E. Warren a priority and is in the midst of a planning study for 2020 to plan the E. Warren Corridor,  You can find more information about the E Warren Cadieux plan at www.ewcplan.com

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More #’s to back up the case that E. Warren makes a ton of sense for retailers.  Join us!

For more information email Joe Rashid at Joe@ewarren.org